McDonald Lab Equipment

We are fortunate in the McDonald lab to have several pieces of lab equipment that we regularly use in our research. We welcome collaborations with other researchers who would like to use our resources and expertise.








Oroboros O2K High-Resolution Respirometre

The coolest piece of equipment that we use in the McDonald lab is our high-resolution respirometre. This machine is capable of measuring oxygen consumption in order to quantify mitochondrial respiration. So far, we’ve used it to examine mitochondrial respiration in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae that is expressing the Pacific oyster alternative oxidase, and respiration in lamprey liver mitochondria. This equipment was purchased through the  NSERC Research Tools and Instrument grants program.









Our centrifuge is a real workhorse. We use it to pellet bacterial and yeast cells, perform molecular biology protocols, and to isolate mitochondria.

Incubating Shakers

In the McDonald lab we grow a lot of bacteria, yeast, and copepods for our research experiments. We have two incubating shakers in the lab in order to grow enough biological material for our work. Our IKA shaker was purchased using an internal Laurier equipment grant. We recently added three large Innova shakers in order to examine alternative oxidase in protists and copepods.








Laminar Flow Hood

One of the biggest challenges of doing microbiology work is making sure that your cultures don’t get contaminated with other organisms. We use our laminar flow hood for bacteria and yeast culturing and for plating out our tobacco seeds under sterile conditions.







Gel Documentation system

We do a lot of protein and DNA gels in the lab and this workhorse allows us to image and archive our results.


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