Impacts of Hurricane Irma on biology

The footage and news coverage of Irma has been amazing and serves to remind us that no matter how much we think that we have been able to engineer our environments we are no match for the power of Mother Nature. While much has been said about the impacts that the hurricane will have on human affairs, culture, and infrastructure, not much has been said about the long term effects that will be felt on the ecosystems in the path of the storm. This focus, when it does occur, will no doubt be on animals. My daughter was particularly disturbed by the Tweets that went out yesterday urging Floridians to not abandon their pets to fend for themselves during the hurricane. While this is certainly disturbing, it is worth taking a moment to think about the wildlife in these regions that will never be the same.

I find it amazing that birds are commonly found in the eyes of hurricanes and that they can be transplanted hundreds of kilometres by this process. Here’s a short article from the Miami Herald on the topic of wildlife and hurricanes. As a plant biologist, I’m really impressed by the ability of the palm trees to survive hurricane conditions. Here’s a quick article on the adaptations that allow them to do this.

I also found the emptying of the bays and the returning storm surge to be amazing. This phenomenon must kill a huge amount of aquatic life due to the changing water levels, salinity, temperature, and oxygen that results.


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