Service Review: AirBnB

I will admit to being very late to the game in using AirBnB as an option for looking for housing for either personal or conference trips. The number one issue that I had was safety and security which included my personal safety during interactions with the provider and financial security when it came to payments. The second concern that I still have (in some markets) is the lack of regulatory oversight and some of the horror stories that I’ve seen in the media from both sides of the service interaction; things like bed bugs, trashed houses, inconveniencing neighbours, fraud, etc.

I used AirBnB for the first time this past summer during a sabbatical trip and a family vacation in Europe. Our first order of business was to find housing in Palma de Mallorca, Spain for 3 weeks for the research portion of our trip. We wanted housing that would house 2 adults and 2 children fairly comfortably. We ended up finding a two bedroom, one bathroom apartment in Old Town via AirBnB, but then contacted the rental office directly to make arrangements. The apartment was perfect for our needs. The only issues that we had were that the company wanted payment in full up front (the other option was to pay in cash upon arrival) and that the representative was 45 minutes late meeting me at the apartment to give me the keys. A few bumps, but once we got into the apartment it was clean, tidy, and great! Overall, a pretty positive experience and value for our money. A “family” room at an apartment hotel 15 minutes outside of town cost the same for 1 week as what we paid for the 3 weeks at our rental apartment in town.

Our next bookings were all for personal travel in various cities. First up was Paris. We found an initial booking that was great, but it was cancelled a few weeks later by the host and the reason given was that their last guest had been awful and antagonized the neighbours all around the unit and the host was being threatened with eviction if any other AirBnB rentals took place. This example speaks well to the numerous legal/financial/regulatory issues that can arise with this business model. AirBnB notified us that the funds that we had paid could be used on any other booking and we had no problem securing another apartment. The location of that booking was in a neighbourhood that had seen better days, but the unit was secure, clean, and worked for us. The only issues here were that the hosts had changed the locks that afternoon and had difficulty getting into the unit later that day (our kids found the swearing in French highly entertaining) and the bathroom was tiny and a strange configuration. The price was great, but this unit would have been a no go for anyone with mobility issues. Getting our heavy luggage up 4 flights of curving stairs was a challenge.

Next up was London. We booked a great place in a Southbank neighbourhood that was handy to transit and many of the sights around Westminster. This one was quite spacious and had a great layout. The renter’s partner had to meet us to give us the keys and this involved us trying to find each other for about 30 minutes. This apartment was noisy at night due to sirens etc. as we were located right behind a police station. It was very clean, tidy, convenient, and one of our better rentals.

Our next rental was in Edinburgh. We were able to pick up the keys on time and the location was pretty good; both for walking and for parking our rental car. This turned out to be the worst rental of the lot unfortunately as cleanliness was an issue, there was a bug problem, and they were addressing a sewer problem in the unit. They were quick to respond to our concerns, but it put us off during the rest of our stay.

Our final booking was in Dublin and it was great. A very spacious apartment that was tastefully decorated and professionally maintained. We had notified them of a late arrival due to flight delays and they were still able to have someone wait at the unit with the keys. The location was great and we enjoyed our time there. The only weirdness was some feather art on the wall that was housing a large number of tiny moths. When told about that issue (which we thought was fascinating and didn’t find distressing during our stay) they indicated that it was pretty common given the dampness of Dublin and thanked us for bringing it to their attention.

Overall, the bulk of our experiences were positive and we avoided any complete disasters or horror stories during our trip. I do have a few tips to offer based on our experiences.

1) Do your homework and due diligence before making a booking. This includes investigating the neighbourhood where the apartment is located, transportation options to get to/from the apartment (e.g. transit, taxis, airport shuttles, etc.). Be sure of the number of bedrooms, beds, bathrooms, layout, and appliances available before you commit and ensure that the booking will suit your needs.

2) Read each and every review on the AirBnB site for the booking. We did not book any places with no reviews and tried to only book places with >10 positive reviews. You will sometimes need to read between the lines of the reviews. For example, 2 reviews on the Edinburgh apartment said that issues were addressed quickly. This is the polite way of saying that there were issues and we should have picked up on that prior to our booking. We also did not book anything where the host had cancelled a prior reservation on someone else.

3) AirBnB properties come in three varieties: people’s homes that they are renting out sometimes to earn extra income (they may be on vacation or staying somewhere else in town while you rent it), timeshares or vacation homes that would otherwise sit dormant, or entrepreneurs who own several properties and rent them out all of the time. Our best experiences were with the latter group as we found the properties to be professionally cleaned and maintained. You can often tell what type of rental you are dealing with by looking at the photos; if it’s fairly spartan and staged it’s likely more professionally managed, if you can see toys, knick-knacks, and personal effects it’s likely someone’s home.

4) Key pick up is often a weird experience and if there are any problems it’s a bit of a crap-shoot as to whether they will get addressed to your satisfaction. This was the aspect of the experience that annoyed me the most. This in my opinion is the major disadvantage vs. a hotel where someone is always working the front desk, although that being said I’ve had some nightmare situations happen during hotel stays also.

Hope that these tips are helpful! Feel free to share your experiences using AirBnB in the comments!


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