Doctor Al Digest 11

Those of you who have been following the blog for a while know that challenges facing women in science are important to me.

Here are some recent articles from the web on these topics that I think are worth reading:

A great article from Lauren Morello summarizing the experiences of female scientists on Twitter in light of the sexist scandals of the past year.

The costs of being a minority professor are hard to quantify. Here’s an insightful article about the service part of the job with some concrete examples.

Previous posts of mine on similar topics can be found below:

The Ultimate Guide to Being a Gracious (Non-creeper) Conference Attendee

Jurassic World’s Portrayal of Women and Scientists

Book Review: What Works for Women at Work

Moms and babies: Maintaining academic productivity while a mother is not a zero-sum game

Don’t feed the trolls

Are you unintentionally writing biased reference letters for your female trainees?

Gestating in STEM: Blending family with a tenure-track academic career

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