DoctorAl Digest 8

I was lucky enough to be at Game 5 of the Jays-Rangers series last week. The game was exciting and it was bizarre. There was a point in the 7th inning when I left my seats because it wasn’t an appropriate place for my 8 year old to be hanging out. I haven’t seen anything that bananas in a long time.

This post is a hilarious take on how it all went down, including the infamous Bautista bat flip. h/t @kyrajns

A great piece on multitasking written by Tim Harford. h/t to Meg over at Dynamic Ecology.

The challenges of deciding what to wear as a female academic. I love the title!

Nobody wins microaggression Bingo (Tenure, She Wrote).

Stinky seeds dupe dung beetles (Science News).

Very happy that we have a new majority party and PM in Canada. All of my science colleagues are walking around a bit lighter this morning.

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