See You in September

I’ve always liked September because it signifies new beginnings. I think this way because I’ve been in school in some form or another since I was 5 years old; first as a student for many years and now as a professor. September means super deals on school supplies in store flyers, like the fancy pens that I like and my favourite notebooks. I must admit surprise upon seeing that paper hole re-enforcements are still being sold. Whenever I think of September, I always think of freshly sharpened Laurentien pencil crayons (Peacock Blue or Cherry Red anyone?) I could spend hours happily walking the aisles at our local Staples store…
At my university September is also when the campus comes alive again. Although many of us have been on campus all summer, September is when the vast majority of our undergraduate students return to school. There is a feeling of nervous energy and anticipation that exists in the air during the first week of September that is comfortingly familiar.
My children also returned to school this week and the list of required supplies hasn’t changed much since my times in elementary school with the exception of one item. Evidently it’s no longer called Liquid Paper; it’s now correction tape.
Best wishes for a great first week of the semester!

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