The Academic Curriculum Vitae (CV): Scholarship and research section: Funding

The next section that appears on my CV is funding. If you are a faculty member you may have one or more grants that can be entered into this section. If you are a graduate student this is the place to put scholarships or fellowships. On my CV I present this information in tables because I think it is a clean and efficient way to convey this information. In my tables I have columns labelled: award and source, term, title, total value, and notes. In the award and source column I state the name of the grant and the agency providing the funding (e.g. NSERC Research Tools and Instruments). The term of the award either describes when it was awarded (e.g. December 2012) or the duration of the award (e.g. April 2010-March 2015). In the title column I list the name of the project funded (e.g. Laminar flow hood for laboratory). The total value is given in the next column (e.g. $50,000). I use the notes column for additional information that I think is important to include. As an example I hold several grants as part of a group or on which I was a co-applicant; I include this information in the notes column.

Within the funding section of my CV I have various subheadings. I have one entitled “Grants in Support of Research at Wilfrid Laurier University” where I list my current and past grants that support my scientific research. I have a category called “Grants in support of research at Wilfrid Laurier University currently applied for” where I list all of the grant applications that I have out for review. My “Grants in support of research personnel” subsection describes awards that have supported my undergraduate and graduate students. I have a table called “Grants in support of travel to scientific meetings” where I describe my travel awards. My final table covers scholarships, fellowships, and bursaries that I held before starting my job as a faculty member. When you are first starting out in science you will not have a lot of grants and it will make more sense to pool these together in one table. As you progress in your career you will likely have more funding sources and can expand to the use of categories that make sense to you.

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